Queen Dee
I highly recommend a reading from Daniel for any phase of life that you may be in. He is kind, honest, incredibly accurate, and his ability to translate the cards is unmatched.  Additionally, the atmosphere that Daniel creates is incredibly supportive and from a place of love – he truly cares about everyone that he comes in contact with. Speaking with Daniel never fails to brighten my day!
Pam Rehal
United States
I was one of Daniel’s aka The Queen Dee Tarot’s first 1000 followers on IG and have been with him before his official branding and really have watched him grow this past year and a half now. I was drawn to him after feeling like I was a part of the Twinflames journey and needed someone to validate my feelings and make sense of the process… not only have I have followed him on social media consistently as if we’re virtual besties but I have received a reading and Twinflame reading with him. As we head into the peak of reunion season I’m excited to see what comes through for Queen Dee Tarot as he shares openly with the world!! Grateful for Queen Dee Tarot!
United States
After purchasing an IG Story Reading – “A Look At 2023” I was excited to hear what Queen Dee would channel for me. I was absolutely blown away! He was spot on and even though I knew what I needed to do, he confirmed it all! I will most definitely being purchasing any reading in the future! Thank you Queen Dee. X
I really don’t know how to express the gratitude I have for you Daniel.I was extremely confused about the separation between me and my person. It’s been so long I even started thinking of him as a lesson even though it felt extremely wrong. Thanks to your reading I got the confirmation I needed and gained my peace and balance back. I also have more faith in my intuition and will follow it along with your guidance! Thank you for sharing your energy
I was starting out my journey of self love and spiritual awakening when I stumbled upon Daniel’s IG account. His empathy, candor, and humorous approach when sharing collective readings, are what drew me to book a session with him.

The relevance and accuracy of details shared in that session, and other readings, have been stunning, encouraging, and empowering! If you’re on the fence about reaching out to Daniel for a booking…DO IT. NOW. 🙂
Florida, United States